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Vertical Ag was started by brothers Jason and Derek Aeschliman.

With the ever growing need for aerial application and the traditional airplane application being vastly unavailable for booking, Vertical Ag was born out of necessity.

We want to ensure that your products get applied at the right window of time with no need to wait for fixed wing aerial applicators.

Jason Aeschliman

Founder - Drone Pilot

Jason has been operating drones for 7 years and has a wide variety of experience within aviation. He also has his pilot's license and flies small planes as well. Jason also owns and operates his own audio production studio, doing pro sound and cinematography as an occupation.

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Derek Aeschliman


Derek has a lifetime of experience on the grain and cattle farm. Not only does Derek farm as an occupation, he also owns and operates his own auto and repair shop called Midwest Repair.

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