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We use cutting-edge agriculture drone spraying technology to help farmers apply fungicides and spread seeds with precision and efficiency. By applying products when crops need them most, we can protect yield and profit potential.


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aerial Application?!

We use a T40 DJI drone to apply pesticides, fungicides and spread seed. Drones can easily access hard-to-reach areas of the field so you’ll never miss a spot unlike a ground application. Using the downward wash from the drone propellers allows the product to saturate the whole stalk and underside of the leaves giving the product a better application versus airplane application that just saturates the leaf apex.

Apply Products On Time

When your crops are ready, the timing of product application is critical, as it can greatly impact the health and productivity of the crops. With the wait time for airplane application ever growing, using a drone to apply the product on time can help farmers maximize their yields and profits, while reducing the risk of crop loss due to disease, pests, or nutrient deficiencies.

How Do I Book?

To get your field sprayed with Vertical Ag, reach out via email, phone or talk to your product salesman. Let us know what you need and when or get us in touch with your product specialist and we’ll get it done!


Phone: (567) 454-6879

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